The program

We accompany creative minds on their way to founding a startup. Step by step, the ideas of students and employees are transformed into marketable business models with the help of our Incubator Program. Together with the know-how and the expertise of our CREATORS teams as well as the DSHub spaces and our Innovation Hub, we bring the startup spirit closer to the participants of our program and promote external as well as internal talents in the implementation and development phase of their ideas.

At CREATORS we are constantly in search of ideas that have the potential to increase the innovative power of the real estate industry. The person who is developing the idea is always in the focus. Together with our specialist departments, we examine each idea and afterwards we promote the best of them within our Incubator Program and beyond. 

The starting points of our Incubator program are individually designed workshops or coaching sessions in which we work together on problems and possible solutions, identify weaknesses, develop a strategy and clarify open questions. During the 3-month program, all teams have the opportunity to use our spaces at the DSHub Stuttgart at any time and as often as they like in order to work on their projects. We from CREATORS as well as experts from the corporate and startup sector are always available to provide support and assistance. At the end of the Incubator Program – on the big pitch day – a selected committee with jurors decides on how to further promote the ideas. Together, we find out which way is the right one for the persons who developed the idea: Everything is possible, from joint pilot projects to founding a startup. Irrespective of the position in a company, all ideas run through the same process and have the chance to become something big. At Drees & Sommer, we rely on the ideas of students, employees and creative minds to increase our innovative strength and open up new business areas. Very important is that the person – the idea generator – always remains the originator and the owner of the idea.

What options do you have? Our Incubator Program starts every year in April and September. Share your idea for a problem you identified and your approach to solving it with us. We will check your suitability as soon as possible and get back to you!




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